Вот это правильный DRM.

DSOGaming writes: "Okay everyone, I have a confesion to make; I simply love Croteam. It's n
Промо-ролик к выставке фотографий "20 лет без СССР"

IE9 и IE10 — трололо :)


The Acid3 of JS has a few surprises. Wikipedia has an article on a Javascript conformance test called sputnik from Google. It has the results from various Desktop browsers on how standards-compliant t…

So true.

So true.

EN: My (probably futile) attempt on making a statement about the quality of shooters this generation


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Как правильно пишут на хабре: Dear Santa, …

Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator — Teaser Trailer — The Gadget Show

This is a world first. A unique FPS simulator that turns gaming into reality as you move, aim, fire

Google way.

Other than the original G1 and MyTouch, virtually all of the millions of phones represented by this chart are still under contract today. If you thought that entitled you to some support, think again:
— 7 of the 18 Android phones never ran a current version of the OS.
— 12 of 18 only ran a current version of the OS for a matter of weeks or less.
— 10 of 18 were at least two major versions behind well within their two year contract period.
— 11 of 18 stopped getting any support updates less than a year after release.
— 13 of 18 stopped getting any support updates before they even stopped selling the device or very shortly thereafter.
— 15 of 18 don’t run Gingerbread, which shipped in December 2010.

In a few weeks, when Ice Cream Sandwich comes out, every device on here will be another major version behind.At least 16 of 18 will almost certainly never get Ice Cream Sandwich.

via habr & http://theunderstatement.com/

I have opinions now & then.

Я долго пытался подобрать обобщение недостаткам Андроида. Ну не может же напрягать отсутствие техподдержки (в первый раз, что ли) или тормозящие приложения. А потом как-то сформулировалось само: “Google-стиль”.


Недостатки Андроида в планшетах. Я несколько раз начинал писать эту статью, но каждый раз она выходила не такой, как планировалась. Сначала я захотел лишь разбавить одинаковые, словно близнецы, анонсы…

Roshan D'Mello (QA Tester)

Mukesh Thakur (Developer)

Roshan D'Mello: Hey Mukesh, there is a bug in your code. Type a text in username text box and press enter. Be…

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