Новый день несёт нам разное: от ахтунгов в виде полной переделки одной маленькой подсистемы, до таких клёвых вещей, как Finntroll (да, я его ещё ни разу не слушал). А ну и лулзы из блогов:

I fondly remember the moment of dawning comprehension when I asked a particular candidate “But suppose you had to write the code in the database implementation that auto-generates the primary key on the table you are using to solve this problem. How would that code work?” The candidate was completely taken aback, and just stared at me for a moment before saying “wow, I never before thought about the fact that someone had to write code that does that.” Apparently in his world creating primary keys is done by the primary key pixies who live in the b-tree forest. :-)

Turns out a lot of people think that GUIDs are generated by the GUID goblins, that random numbers are created by the RNG ogres, and so on.

(с) Eric Lippert

Вообще, кстати, .net разработчикам (если таковые меня читают) рекомендую блог Липперта к регулярному прочтению.

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