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“ I subscribe to so many of those daily deal newsletters, but every time there's a coupon for a restaurant I like, I think, Who would I go with? My sister? My married friends? Well, now there'…

1. Музыка в Android 4 лагает, если разблокируешь телефон (но как?! там мп3 и процы по гигагерцу).
2. Добавить папку в плейлист не представляется возможным.

Я наконец нашёл — зачем нужен этот AltGr:

You may have noticed that Windows doesn't use Ctrl+Alt as a keyboard shortcut anywhere. (Or at least it shouldn't.) If a chorded modifier is needed, it's usually Ctrl+Shift. That's bec…
Check out our website for instructional PVP videos:

So this is pretty much jus

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Баян, да.

Баян, да.

Meet the Engineer, one of nine playable character classes in Team Fortress 2.

Name: Engineer

ULTIMATE WEAPON — featuring the MOST A

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